PS3 Controller

If you own a PlayStation 3, then you also own at least one PS3 controller. If you are looking to get another PS3 controller, or need information on the PlayStation 3 controller, then this website is here to help you.

The PS3 controller is a great piece of hardware designed by Sony Computer Entertainment. It connects to the PlayStation 3 through its Bluetooth technology (or you can also connect through USB). Since it uses this technology, the PlayStation 3 controller is wireless. In addition, the controller also lets you use motion by using its Sixaxis technology which works perfect for many video games as an extra to a game, or a full-on control technique.

PS3 Controller

The features on the PS3 controller are amazing. Besides its motion-sensing and wireless capabilities, the PlayStation 3 controller can operate for up to 30 hours, and the analog sensitivity works better than the original PlayStation 2 controller. The controller also features a Home button which loads up the home menu when it is pressed.

If you do not like the PS3 controller, then you can also settle for a third-party PlayStation 3 controller. In addition to information on the official controller, you can find information on third-party controllers through this website. Many third-party controllers are just as great as the official controller, and are worth checking out.

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